Mentoring Programme

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Mentoring is a brain to pick, a ear to listen, and a push in the right direction
- John Crosby

Mentoring is a dynamic partnership where a more experienced person advises, counsels and guides the personal development of another. It’s great example of how you can lead, inspire and develop our emerging Procurement talent.

The New Zealand Procurement Excellence Forum Mentoring Program is about connecting our Future Procurement Leaders with Experienced Procurement Leaders to create connections and relationships that can inspire and guide our top talent.


The main objective of mentoring is to help empower the Mentee to develop their own skills, strategies and capabilities. Mentoring encourages and supports the development of professional knowledge, competency, and high standards of performance. It accelerates learning and development, builds confidence and competence and helps people tap into their potential. Many successful people can point to having had a mentor play a key role in their achievements through the mutual relationship.

Mentoring relationships can be short or long term; depending on the specific career aspirations and goals.

Mentoring Relationships are built around confidentiality and mutual trust between the mentor and mentee.  We encourage our Mentees and Mentors 

Through the application process; Mentees will be asked key questions around their location, stage in their career, location and their key objectives for the mentoring relationship.  

Both the mentor and mentee will be asked to sign the Mentorship Agreement; confirming their commitment to the program and agreeing to confidentiality. Both the Mentor and the Mentee will be sent a short pack with some tips and tricks to get your started!

We encourage our mentors/ees to meet in a relaxed environment; away from the workplace; such as a local cafe.