Mentor/ee Selection Process

The NZ Procurement Excellence Forum (“NZPEF”) is committed to the development of the profession and the people working in it. In support of this Mentorship Programme the NZPEF has collated a register of Mentors, both from within and outside the sector. The register provides a brief bio of these leaders / experts who have made themselves available for this Programme. Additionally, the NZPEF requests that Mentees supply their profile details to be shared with a potential Mentor in support of the matching process.

Step by step process to establish your mentorship relationship:

Step 1: Mentee Expression of Interests: 

Emerging Procurement Talent can submit their expressions of interests here (insert link)

This includes providing details of your aspirations and what you would like to get out of the relationship and agreeing to the Mentoring Confidentiality and Terms, protecting both our mentees and mentors. 

Step 2: Selecting the Mentor

  • The Mentee will receive a link to Register of NZPEF Mentors with their profile details, but excluding their contact details

  • Review the available profiles in the NZPEF Register and select their preferred Mentor

  • Contact the NZ PEF Mentoring Programme Coordinator at to advise of their preferred Mentor.

Step 3 – Mentor/Mentee Discussion

  • The NZPEF Programme Coordinator - will then advise the Mentor of the mentorship request, providing the Mentee’s brief profile and their contact details

  • The Mentor - will contact the Mentee to discuss the opportunity and confirm acceptance or non-acceptance of the Mentorship relationship.

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Step 4 – Mentoring Relationship Confirmation

The Mentee & Mentor would then:

  1. Notify the NZ PEF Mentoring Programme Coordinator to confirm the outcome at

  2. Embark on their Mentorship relationship


Step 5 - NZ PEF Mentoring Programme Management

  • The relationship will be recorded in the Mentorship Programme Register

  • Occasionally (3-6 monthly) NZPEF will check on how things are going with Mentors and Mentees, e.g., via a survey or a call, and identify any benefits/news stories to share

  • Tools will be made available via the website to support the Mentor / Mentee relationships

  • Virtual drop-in sessions will be arranged for collaboration/sharing experiences – Mentors only, Mentees only, Mentors & Mentees (timing tbc)

  • News updates on the Programme can be communicated on the website and via Linked In – e.g., any success stories, promotion of the Programme, etc.