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NZPEF Knowledge Share On All Things Procurement

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Welcome to the group! You can connect with other members, ask questions, seek learnings, share thoughts and knowledge and get updates and share videos.

By joining this group you are asked to adhere to the Code of Conduct principles below.

Code of Ethics

Members shall not use their authority or office for personal gain and shall seek to uphold and enhance the standing of the procurement profession by:

Being guided by the code of ethics as set out below:

A. Uphold a high standard of integrity in all their business relationships both inside and outside the organisations in which they are employed;

B. Encouragement of the highest standards of professional competence amongst those for whom they are responsible;

C. Be fair, honest and considerate to all members and collaborators and to display control, respect, dignity and professionalism

D. Optimizing the use of resources for which they are responsible so as to provide the maximum benefit to their employers;

E. Complying with the letter and the spirit of:

i. The laws of the country in which they practice;

ii. The NZ PEF guideline on professional practice as outlined below and as may be issued by the forum from time to time; and

iii. Contractual obligations.

F. Discouragement and avoidance of any business practice that is improper

G. Striving to improve the proficiency and stature of the procurement profession by upskilling and maintaining current technical knowledge

H. Declaration of interest. Any personal interest which may impinge or might reasonably be deemed by others to impinge on a member’s impartiality in any matter relevant to their duties should be declared to their employer

I. Confidentiality and accuracy of information.

i. The confidentiality of information received in the course of participation must be respected and should not be used for personal gain;

ii. Information given in the course of participation should be true and fair and not designed to mislead

J. Competition. While considering the advantages to the member’s employer of maintaining a continuing relationship with a supplier, any arrangement which might, in the long term, prevent the effective operation of fair competition, should be avoided.


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