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"Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself.
When you become a leader, success is all about growing others."

- Jack Welch

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Our objective is to connect ambitious procurement future leaders with experienced procurement professionals to create meaningful connections.


Mentoring is a two way street! A successful mentoring partnership can help you expand your horizons and thinking, increase awareness, provide a meaningful opportunity to share your experience; help emerging talent and give back to our procurement community.

Becoming a mentor can be an exceptionally rewarding experience.

Once paired; you will be contacted with your match based on locations; and key objectives, You will be supplied a onboarding pack which will provide some tips and guidelines to assist with getting started.

As a Mentor, you should be a role model for your Mentee, sharing your experience and knowledge as appropriate. Most importantly you should constructively challenge the Mentee’s thinking. Additionally, you should be prepared to make sufficient time available for your Mentee and be flexible in your engagement in this relationship. While mentors may coach several mentees, they should ensure they can commit enough time to each relationship. Typically, the most intensive mentoring will take place during the first two months of the association.

Role of the Mentor

  • Share and advise - to guide their Mentee in finding their own solutions through a process of questioning and reflection, provide guidance and share experience

  • Be available - the Mentee needs time to discuss issues, goals, and challenges (although not excessive time).

  • Be the technical professional - with a high level of credibility, respect, and influence in their profession

  • Have a passion for learning and development - with the ability to help others learn, grow and advance

  • Provide support where required, caring about their Mentee’s successes

  • Identify resources and contacts that will help the Mentee enhance their personal development and career.


Key Skills                                                              Don't

Listen                                                                 Be a psychologist

Encourage                                                        Be the solution for performance management

Question                                                           Take on the role of the manager



Facilitate learning


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